Prayer for a Miracle

Help me lord, I am 47 years old in a dead end job. My future of employment looks bleak. I’m striding everyday to do better. I have lost my wife and kids though my own fault. I’m so sad of this. It feels like death. My heart is confused; I never want people to suffer where thinking is out of their control. I’m asking for you Lord to guide me through this situation as you see fit. And at the same time know that I have no bitterness in my heart for this individual. I ask you Lord to look at my circumstance and place your hand on it. Bless me with a better circumstance of living. Sometimes I find myself crying and my thoughts are scrambled. I need guidance. So Im placing all of this in your hands on your heart and giving mine a break, they say the Lord will not give you anything you cannot handle. However this is heavy. I need help. Dear God, I place my humble needs before you; my need to meet my responsibilities in the world, my need to use my God-given talents and abilities, my need to fulfill my place here on earth. In Gods name Amen.

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