Prayer for a miracle to happen in my life

I’m waiting for a miracle to happen in my life, that Tony will realize me and want to be my boyfriend. Deliver me from this pain Lord. Oh Lord please please pray that tony, will realize me and want a loving relationship with me.

please help his mind.Please allow Tony to be in my life and me in Tonys life. There is no other person in my life than Tony whom I want to start a relationship with right now.

I can’t bear being alone anymore. I’m totally burdened and desperate. I can’t afford to lose him.

Lord, please help his mind and make him realize me and want to be with me in Lord’s name.I want to be with him.I want him to want a loving relationship with me because he is the one who I trully have been the most happiest with in a long time.

So i want him to be my boyfriend and me as his Girlfriend. I forgive him for anytime he doesnt answer my calls, or texts.

St Jude, please bring us closer together and pray for our loving relationship to happen, Please pray that the Lord will soon join Me, Tony as a loving couple with Crystal my daughter by our sides together under the protection of the holy family, remove all the obstacles that surround us and pray for our relationship to be loving and last and to lead us one day to have a happy married life by God’s grace.

I know God is about love and He is the ultimate truth, and I believe and have faith that God will definitely hear my cry and answer my prayer and bring me and Tony together and he will realize me and be my boyfriend.

Dear Lord, please pray and shower your blessings upon us that we will have a long lasting, loving relationship that will turn into marriage under the blessing from God

Please Lord, let this be my one wish right now in Lords name.

Please, please pray that he will keep his mind on wanting to be in a relationship with me and Tony will come to me and hopefully marry me in the future.