Prayer For a Miracle to happen for my family’s sake

by CC (New Jersey)

Dear God, My Lord Jesus and all the Saints, please forgive me for any sins that’s I may have committed over the years and shed your grace on me after the most terrible year of my life. Though I did the best I could, nothing worked out with one disappointment after the other. Now I am at a crossroad. I risk losing everything, my home, my family, and most likely will end up incarcerated though I have done nothing to deserve any of this. I have not committed a mortal sin nor any sin for that matter. I have a loving wife and children but if something doesn’t happen then they will suffer the most. It is all due to bad luck with work that has sent me into a downward spiral with what now seems to have no point of return. I have been praying for guidance and relief on a daily basis for months on end but only God knows why my prayers remain unanswered. Now I am praying on a minute to minute basis. Asking once more to be accepted into Gods Grace to help lift this dark cloud from over me and to help me find a solution back to peace and prosperity. Now it seems that only a Miracle will help me. Please pray for me my brothers and sisters that my prayers may be answered. I am asking this not just for my sake but for the sake of my family that doesn’t deserve to have what may become bestowed upon them. I too will pray that your prayers may be answerred. And may the Good Lord Bless all of us.

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