Prayer for A Miracle to Get Called for a Job Interview & Receive a Job Offer with Great Pay

by Maggi (Citrus Heights, CA)

Thank you St.Jude for listening and answering my prayer today. I have been looking for work for three weeks now. I have a lot of people waiting on me to secure a job. I am a seasoned professional with 22 years of experience. I have suffered for the past 7 years with my career due to the recession and being overqualified.

I was grateful for having the job at Raleys, but it was not paying me any money to be able to rent even an apartment. I have always taken care of myself and family financially. Bless everyone who is out of work and help them to get hired in the job of their choice.

I had my resume redone and have been sending it out 24/7. No calls or interest. Resumes today, tend to get lost in the shuffle with so many being sent via email. But, that is how business is done today. I ask for you to put a bright light on my resume, so it comes out on top as #1 and not lost in the shuffle of thousands of resumes. I ask to bless me to receive a call for a job interview and then receive a job offer with a great salary from that job interview. I would be so grateful and be indebted to you for the reminder of my life. Thank You St.Jude.