Prayer for a Miracle to Fix Our Financial Problems

by Stacey (Oxford, AL)

Dear Heavenly Father,

My family and I so desperately need a financial miracle. We are stricken with worry and it is affecting our relationship and our children also. We both work a full-time job and I am thankful for that, but we just can’t seem to make ends meet. With the house, both cars and all the other finances.

Someweeks we don’t have enough for food without borrowing more money that we are going to have a very impossible time paying back.

Please dear Lord, bless us. Help us with this burden. We do not want much just enough to get caught up and to provide for our family. I am trying to have faith but this hardship is hurting us all so much, and it is making it hard to believe we can make it. I know all things are possible through you and I just need a renewed faith.

We need your strength and guidance.

In Jesus name I pray.