Prayer for a Miracle to Buy Our New Home

by Kristina (California)

This is actually not a prayer to sell a home however a prayer in hopes to buy a new home.

I pray that my husband goal to try and get his family a home goes well with out any barriers.
We are a family with 4 children. Two daughters from his previous marriage and two sons including one new baby. We live with his parents all of us baby and toddler with mom and dad in one room.

When daughters come over they get the living room. But we need this chance my husband works hard and I to am trying my hardest to study for my new career and full time mom. I pray we get a gift of a miracle to help this deal go through. The application is in the works but my husband feels he doesn’t make enough money.

But he has good credit and does work hard I know we can do this together and with a little prayer I hope The God of miracles who I believe in with my whole heart who’s has helped me many time through prayer including my two pregnancy’s will hear me and my Prayer to St Joeseph himself will redeem us worthy as well as prayers from anyone else. As I ask for prayers I to will prayer for others in need.


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