Prayer for a Miracle of Cancer

by Mary (1|USA)

My brother Estolfo was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer stage 2. The doctors unfortunately mis-diagnosed him and as it turns out it’s stage 4.

He has gone through radiation and was only able to do 1 chemo treatment. This man is such a loving caring giving person. He is the person who whenever possible was and is still giving advise to his children, nieces, and nephews. He has been he best son, brother, father, husband, and friend anyone could have ever asked for. He has been surrounded by prayers from so many, we are asking you to join us in asking for a miracle that the cancer vanish.

That he be given another chance at life so that he can contiune to be there for his children, grandchildren and his family. Dear God I raise you up in Glory and praise your name. I ask you hear my prayers and those of all who are there for my brother, in your name Jesus Christ!

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