Prayer for A Miracle Needed Badly

by Christopher (Canada)

My wife fell victim to an identity disorder.

Therapy and medication didn’t work, and she ultimately abandoned me and our two sons.

That experienced shattered me.
I lost my house, my car, my job.

I can’t seem to pull myself together.
I can’t keep a steady job, I can’t even think straight half the time.
My sons are now old enough to be on their own but they’re in no position to help me.

I’m facing homelessness because the apartment building I now live in is being sold and everyone’s going to be evicted by the new owners because they’re tearing it apart to wholly renovate it.

I have nowhere to go and don’t know what to do.

I just want my life back. My wife and sons back.

I need a miracle.

For the love of God, please pray for me.
Please pray that God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit rescue me and my family from this never-ending nightmare.

And please pray that God forgives me that my faith wasn’t even as small a mustard seed.

God bless anyone that spares a minute to pray for us that the miracle our family needs is granted to us immediately, in this our darkest hour.

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