Prayer For A Miracle Loan


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for each and every blessing you have given me and continue on the same way to bless me. Farther as you know, I love you very much, worship and praise your Holy name every single day. Lord, I am in desperate need of money to pay the debt and move ahead with my business which is already started but need a help to move on.

I humbly request a financial miracle loan today so that I can keep my business on going and get my bills brought current. You know, Lord, that I have been struggling in trying to back on track using my own effort but it is not easy. I need to bring my family closer to me and start a new life with them but it remains very hard to succeed.

I recently applied a loan from one of the biggest bank here in cape town but they keep telling me to wait without any conviction that`s why I decided to expose this problem to you so that you can release the loan for me. Farther, please bless me and look upon me with your favor and grace today.

I know that the Scripture says that for you, nothing is impossible and that whatever I ask for in prayer, believing, I will receive. As I speak with the loan officer yesterday, grant me this miracle I pray for and the loan to be granted to me.

Thank you farther, thank you Jesus, Amen.

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