Prayer for a Miracle for Restoring our Marriage and Family!

Dear God, I need your help and prayers. My husband, trustworthy and true during our whole marriage, suddenly was tempted to stray and started cheating on me with a much younger woman. He separated from us (me and my two young sons) and now he is cheating right in front of us, without remorse!!

Help turn Robert around and help his soul out of danger. He is lost, he needs to see, he needs the scales to fall from his eyes so he can see that what he is doing is not right and he needs to come back to the family!

His sons need him! I cherish and love him and ask and pray that somehow there can be a miracle so he goes to God not to the fallen woman he is with, who does not care that he has a family and young sons!

Help our family mend and help repair us. Dear God, in Jesus’ name, I pray for miracles and wonders for our family and every family going through this!!! Amen. and Thank you!!!