Prayer for a miracle for my friend

by Blanca (Austin,Texas)

I have been here before for just about the same thing. I met a beautiful man that can’t express his feelings for me.

I feel like I love him unconditionally the way god loves us and learned so much from him. But his heart is hardened for some reason. I pray for him daily and want to be a strong spiritual and positive influence in his life.

I love him and wish to turn him to god if nothing more. I Long to see him smile and happy and respect me the way I adore him. I love him to let him go but I don’t see God giving me this opportunity to meet the love of my life and then just to let him go. Just help him understand me and me understand him. That’s all I ask. I would like to reconcile our relationship one last time and help him open up to me.

I am his blessing and he is mine. Please Lord help us both have a long lasting friendship if nothing more and fill our hearts for each other and the best possible things in this difficult and stressful time on Earth.

I trust you will find our truth and set us free from worries. I love you AMEN.