prayer for a miracle for me and my child

by Meryl (Boynton Beach)

Please pray that my 13 y/o Daughter and I are accepted into an apartment this week as we need to move. I am our only means of support and I work very hard. We are going to look at a place on Friday and I need all of the prayers I can get as we need to move before we are evicted and have nowhere to go.

I do not want to ask for too much but I also need my Fiance of 7 years to want to get off of drugs and let god into his heart. I will not let him come home until he seeks salvation for himself. Please pray that he does and calls or comes home as he is sick and needs help but I can no longer enable him to continue to live this way in front of my child.

I too will pray for all of you. God Bless and thank you for your prayers.