Prayer for a miracle for God to provide money

by Zac (Leeds)

Lord you are the one who works wanders and miracles and nothing is impossible with you. You know the threat I am facing of loosing the properties and the shop business. My enemies are all around me. I am sinking in the depth of debt, which is also strangling my spiritual life. I have not worshipped you as I ought.

My mind has been filled with worry and anxiety, leaving me weak and restless. My relationship with people I once loved is broken. We have become like enemies. I have tried everything I can to raise the money I need to pay them and I confess to you most holy lord that this has been all in my own power. Forgive me father for I have not trusted in you.

I fall down on your feet and I want you to touch me with your holy hands, work a miracle to day and give me the money I need and save my business almighty God. Save me from debts to day and build my relationship with you and the people I once loved.

I want to love you Lord and your people, I want to worship you and glorify your name. I believe in you and your power. In Jesus name amen.