Prayer for a miracle child

Married for 5 yrs and childless. Life is tough for me when I got to know my husband suffer from inherited kidney diease and condition is deteriorating. To make things worst I am dignose with polystics ovaries and my husband sperm are inmotile.

Everything seems to be fated that I won’t be able to have a healthy child of my own. I am hopeless now and depressed. All I can do is to pray for a miracle child, something impossible to happen. I sincerely hope god can answer my prayer soon. :(___

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  1. health,healings

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  2. God bless

    May you and your husband be blessed with a healthy family! And all your alimanets be cured! God bless you!!:)

  3. Miracle child

    Hi Juana,

    All i can say is don’t loose hope. god definitely has a plan for you and your husband. keep the faith and god will surely grant you your hearts desire.

  4. Reply

    Dear Friend, you said in your prayer a “miracle child” “something impossible”, but remember who you are asking for this miracle child it is God that you are asking and with him impossible situations he can make POSSIBLE!:) Stand on his word and keep the faith its okay to feel down but dont stay depressed speak faith on your health that it is in the Lord’s hands to protect you at all times. You and your husband will be blessed just keep the faith always. You asked for a miracle baby and God is the one who grants miracles in our lives if he can do it for others he will do it for you. I feel this was something he spoke through me to tell you. I pray great health for you and your hubby and unspeakable joy to rain on your lives. God bless you 🙂

  5. With the Lord, all is possible

    I want to say to you that the Lord is a mighty God. He hears our prayers and feels our pain. I have had kidney disease for almost 7 years (diagnosed at 18yrs) and through this time i have had hard experiences some near death where one could lose hope. ive had so much go wrong but the Lord never left my side and i believe he is with you and your husband. Be strong in faith my sister, he has a plan for you, ask him to come into your hearts and to take control. He hears all and answers an ernest heart. I recently had a transplant and i know the Lord will have something in store for you and your husband. I was told i wasnt making sperm a while ago but i know the Lord will bless me whether its a biological child he blesses me with or an adopted one whose life i may change. I pray you will have patience and strength to face the obstacles that will come and you shall endure. Some things may not work out as you planned but it always comes right, for it is promised that he will always be there for us. This life is a test and how we deal with things in this life, the Lord will remember and grant us entry into his kingdom. so be strong and steadfast in faith and prayer. God bless you. I will pray for you in my prayer.

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