Prayer for a Marriage on the rocks.

Dear God,

I’m so confused. Please help guide me to do the right thing. I recently separated from my husband. At that time i was talking to another man. I did see this man on a few occasions. I knew it would not be anything and I def knew he wouldn’t be in my future. But something about him made me feel so good about myself.

I did things with him that I whole heartedly regret. I didn’t leave my husband for him but he def gave me the push that I needed to finalize it. I am no longer seeing this other man. And the scary thing is is that I still don’t want my husband back. My husband does not know about him and I don’t want him to ever to! He is devasted enough that I left. He is trying so hard to fix our marriage.

I am just not sure I want to be married to him. He’s a good man, but has some personal issues and he just doesn’t give me the passion n love that I crave. He never has technically. I just went with the flow for years. This is not something I would have ever ever done in my life. I don’t know how I got here. I feel guilty for throwing my marriage away. We have children who are our world. And I feel so guilty for not wanting to save it.

I’m scared and hate the fact that I’m hurting the man who took care of me n our children for years. Oh I’m just so messed up. Please God give me ur strength to do what I need to. I get so depressed thinking of being back with my husband n living with a man who can’t fulfill my every need. I’m torn, miserable and depressed.

Please help me!

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  1. Sister I bless you...

    Sister I bless you right now in the name of Jesus. I want to direct you to a website for women for the restoration of their marriages: I want to really encourage you to seek them out, contact them and read the testimonials and other materials they have there. There are women who ended the marriage and those who had it ended for them. There are women seeking restoration and those who aren’t. The bottom line is that this is a heart issue between you and the Lord, but you will find great encouragement and fellowship there.

    One thing the Lord told me recently when I was reading about a wife’s responsibilities is that while I may “want” something specific from him, I am “commanded” to respect my husband. Jesus very lovingly mentioned that if it came easy, then it wouldn’t need to be a “command”. He also said that the “two to become one” is an ongoing process, and it doesn’t just instantly happen. I am to submit my wants for my marriage to Jesus and let him bring them about, not to try to make it happen on my own.

    I just want to encourage you to seek the Lord first, seek out women who understand and will believe for your marriage and the healing of this union. Nothing is impossible for God. He can even make you and your husband happy in your marriage, because it is according to His word to do so!

    God bless you now and always!

  2. Regrets

    I will pray for you, I’m sure he has asked you time and time again if you ever did cheat on him and probably knows in his heart. you need to be honest with him I think it will help him move on. He won’t feel so guilty about letting go, and maybe you will be surprised about your feelings toward him. Things in this world you will regret if you let them happen and sometimes there will eat you away.

  3. if ur really thonking abt it u shud no...

    As a woman going through divorce… My husband left not me. But I can tell this. I’m with another man now and its been quite a while since we split our divorce is almost final. I’m happy and we both pretty much wanted the break up but I vowed forever and I was going to make sure I didn’t give up on that for any reason. I dealt with things no woman shud have ever to face. But to.this day I still think.abt the good times and if we really gave it our all. It may not b soon but if he really took care of u and was half decent u will regret it. My husband was an alcoholic and let his mother tell was ok for my baby to die bc he already had kids… And that not the worst she did. Trust me in a time where marriage is under attack save it. U promised him forever u owe him forever. If ur looking for a way to rationalize the split u will find it. But if ur looking for honesty there it is
    u will regret it and wonder if u tried hard enough…..
    Have a good one.
    I’ll pray u make the right decision.
    And u honestly in ur heart mo what that decision is or u wudnt have came here.
    Good luck.

    P.s. Ur kids will suffer for the choice u make.
    U can write that in stone.

  4. Gods will is the best

    I have read through your marriage story. You are not alone. There are so many going through what you are going (including me). i want to advice you to base your decision on the word of God. What does it say about marriage. 1 Corinthians 7

    New International Version (NIV)10 To the married I give this command (not I, but the Lord): A wife must not separate from her husband. 11 But if she does, she must remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband. And a husband must not divorce his wife. Its clear what the bible which is the written word of God.

  5. Take time

    If you want God’s help it may be a good idea to find out what he thinks about marriage even one that you say wasn’t all that you wanted out of life before you go any further. I do not judge you for your decision but ask that you not casually throw away a marriage that you vowed before God to enter into. I believe that Satan is big time into trying to destroy marriages these days (mine included). I am standing for my marriage praying for my husband to return to the Lord. Only God knows the outcome but I am trying to follow His leading and let his life in me bring wholeness and joy and faith into my life. I advise that you do not pursue another relationship when you are in such a confused state of mind. It just makes things way more complicated. Have you tried counselling and communication with your husband. Maybe he doesn’t know what you need because you have never told him. Anyway, I hope you don’t wake up one day and say to yourself, “I should have known when I was well off”. I had a friend years ago who divorced her first husband and then had a series of marriages/relationship over the years. She confessed to me that her first husband was actually the best one for her and she regretted divorcing him. You may want to go back and be unable to. Talk to a Christian marriage counsellor your pastor or a mature Christian friend. Weigh their advice against what God is saying to your heart.

    Dear Heavenly Father I ask that you would bring this woman your wisdom and grace as she tries to figure out what she should do about her marriage. Let her know how much you love her and how much you hate divorce. Yes there may be safety reasons to distance yourself from a loved one but I know God that you call your church your bride and that you would never divorce us. Bring a miracle of insight and understanding to this confusing situation. Help her to trust your voice of truth and not just her feelings. Faith can move mountains even make a couple that do not seem compatible, into a strong force for the good of each other and their world. Give spiritual strength and blessing to her. her Lord Amen.

  6. Prayer form my Marriage and Family

    My husband has been through a traumatic event last August, he has never gone for counseling to help him with it, now his more aggressive no emotion and we fight all the time. He said to me last night “that our son is making him hate our son, but how can a toddler make an adult feel that when he hasnt even developed his own personality at 3 years old. He always thinks his right and always walks out after an argument. I am always the one apologising even if he was the wrong one. Im trying to be more of a christian but its hard. He says i need to discipline our son more but i dont believe in hitting him as the talking face to face and explaining to our son approach works for me and he listens. Our son doesnt want to play with his dad cause his tone of voice is always the same, harsh and loud, so to me its as if my son cannot distinguish when his dad is angry, friendly or in a good mood. He says i mother our son to much. PLEASE HELP AS I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO…..

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