Prayer for a Marriage in crisis

by THS (California)

Please pray for us, my husband has become emotionally distant and although he has not physically left us he has emotionally abandoned me and will not speak to me. It has been two and a half months.

My son is feeling the strain between us and is only two years old. I am fighting for my marriage but I am exhausted and hurt, I pray that Jesus heals us both and allows for us to come together as one again. We are loving parents to a beautiful child, I pray Jesus can help open up my husband’s heart and show him all the love and compassion he needs to work on repairing our relationship and allowing me back into his life.

Please pray that there is peace, love, and hope restored for our family, I realize that in Jesus miracles can happen so as you pray I pray for healing and a miracle that will allow us to come back together.

I love my family and my commitment before God to be married was a serious one. I already told my husband I would not divorce him he would have to do it if he wanted out of the relationship, pray his eyes open to the seriousness of the marriage commitment and that God touches his heart and his mind so that he can think rationally once again.

All things can be accomplished in Christ, and my faith keeps me going daily, I give these worries up to God, that he has the answers and he will show me the way. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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