Prayer for a loving relationship

I pray here to have a real, honest, trustworthy, loving relationship with this man I’m with now and help me forgive him for he was on a Christian dating site. :o(

Even though he was caught and I did confront him and he didn’t deny it,I feel he is being and said he is very sorry towards me and will not do that again.

He did close that account and prove it to me he did close it. I do love him and I do pray to God he can be honest towards me for now on. And to talk to me instead of talking to some other women online.

I told him I’m his girlfriend and friend I’m open minded and I’m a good listener and we are not kids anymore we are now 49 years of age. I just pray to God this is the last relationship I have to go through and all I want is to be loved and cared for and live a simple loving relationship.

God please hear my prayer Please….