Prayer for a Loving Companion

by Diana (NY, NY)

Dear God,

I pray that you place me with a kind hearted person with whom I can develop a healthy, loving relationship. I have been alone for so long and find myself becoming sadder and sadder. I live alone and do almost everything on my own. I have no one to share joys with nor anyone to help me when I am in need.

I have such a generous heart and would love to share it with someone who is right for me. I also want to have the opportunity to learn from someone and to feel what is is like to be cared about. I have never been in a relationship and would love to know what it feels like to be cared about and considered.

It has been my whole life, so far, that I have never met anyone who takes an interest in me. Please help me to be positive throughout life’s journey. If I am to never meet someone, I hope to be blessed with happiness in other ways.

I fear many times that I will never meet anyone who will care for me as much I as I for another. I fear many times that I will always be alone, because I am so accustomed to it.

Thank you for all of the life experience you have granted me I have been given so many lessons.