Prayer for a Loved One Suffering Cancer

by PJ (Pville, CA USA)

Dear Lord, please excuse Barb at this time from coming to visit you. You see she has family and friends that would like her to be earthbound for a bit longer.

She has suffered from two bouts of cancer and is now hospitalized with more complications. Please give her doctors and nurses the passion to help others, the knowledge to gain the passion, and the intelligence to gain the knowledge.

Barb has asked for assistance not only for her but others that have suffered from the same decline in health. She knows she cannot always be of this Earth and simply asks for a temporary delay to what we all shall all face.

Our request is a humble one as we know the end fate of all living things in the service of our Lord.

We thank you.

Paul, Madison, Astro, Toby, Scraps, Gerry, David, Dale, Ethel, Barb, Wayne, Jo, Fred, Kathy, Gene, Betsy, Marianne, Joanne, Bob, Bob Sr., Ellen, Brian, Gerald, Frank, Pearl, Virginia, Tim, Jarret, Lori, Kit, Russel, Jane, Patti, Lynn, Pat, Ted, Roy, Ken, Lola, Gerry M., Bill.

We all ask you hear us as one to ask for this favor.

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