Prayer For a love to blossom between me and her.

by San (India)

Dear Father in heaven above. First of all I have to say thanks. Thank you for everything you given me. Thanks for not giving those things which I have asked but which I have not been given, lest I may fall. Thanks for kindly and lovingly putting up with me.This wretched soul. A worm.

And yet I come before Thee.

Hoping you would answer me. Answer the way I want. In these time when it is easy to be lost than to be found, I have found a girl whom I like. Although, we are just friends at the moment, we would like to get into a relationship.
Now Lord, why do I feel I don’t deserve such a good girl like her. Right now, it looks like she is ready to get snatched away by another guy, who is well settled abroad in the U.S and who most probably have the finance and status to make her happy.

She is confused too.
Im 26 and never been a relationship. But I know when you are there as my guide and my teacher, I can learn a thing or two. You may say, Look dude, Im not gonna give her to you cos its for your own good. But I will say, If by having her causes a lot of pain and suffering down the road, I have you by my side. Why should I fear? After all, you are GOD. You can change things, even the way people think. The Bible, your WORD is full of it.

So, please Lord, give me a chance and a time frame of one year. During this period, I will try to my best to learn about you, to get close to you. I know I was away. But Im now reaching out to you. Out of helplessness and despair.
And Jesus, I have prayed sincerely to your Mother. Please lend an ear to her also.
Lost and found.