Prayer for a love at its ends

by Jennifer Perez (Small Town, Texas, Usa)

Oh heavenly father, I pray once again for a miracle, I’ve asked so much from you, I’ve sinned so much in my short life, and given very little back, I know you can see my heart and what I want, and how I feel. And how much pain I’m in emotionally. I’m confused and scared, and I feel alone even though I know your with me. My husband has done wrong, he has hurt our family, ntt heart, and wronged the very vows we made before you. I’m scared that he may never return, because of her and what they might have. Father I ask that I be forgiven of my sins, and that you answer my prayer once again, you brought him back to me once, and the devil led him astray, bring him home once more. Help him see the true error of his ways, and who really loves him. Help me become more patient, and understanding with him, because I know hes hurting and confused, help us through this, and if you can see it right to give our love one last chance, we will both need help to pick up the pieces. Father you know me, my past present and future in the smallest second, you know what will happen, I dont, and I’m scared. Hes always been there, hes taken in my daughter as his own, help her to heal as well, I know shes confused. You know my limits, you know my hearts desire, you know what I want, but you know what I need. Father give my strength, and peace of mind and heart. Help us. Please father, please, please, please, please please please please. Father I know its alot to ask to just bring him back home, and I’ve asked so many times already. But father please. Please. please.

These things I ask in your holy sons name Amen.

Anyone who has read this, please say a silent prayer for us, and if your going through the same, than I hope you gave prayers behind you. This is not something I would wish on anyone.

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