Prayer for a Lost soul

by Chiquivia (Suffolk, VA)

I have worked so hard in my life, and struggled so long. I am a single caring mother who takes care of not only my daughter who is 16 yrs old but my son who is 23 yrs old and my ex-husband. I have been in the military for 12 1/2 yrs and nothing never was giving to me but always taken away. I always stayed out of trouble and played by there rules but never got promoted. I ask for a good stronge pray to please touch the hearts of my superiors CDR SYMONS and CDR Murphy and please took there hearts to CAP (Meaning to promte me to E-6). If I dont get promoted then I only have two test cycles left before I am kicked out of the military.

I support my son because he has a hard time finding a job and I support my ex-husband because he was a good man to leave his job to move out here to help me for when I go out on deployment but he cant find a job either.
My prayer is:

To get promoted
For my son and my ex-husband to finally get a job or hired.

To pay-off all of my bills or a finacial blessing
To be stress free once again, so that my hair can stop falling out

For my daughter to stop being bothered by spirits when she sleep at night in her room
and for my family to be in good health.
To protect my house and my car

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  1. im a looser mom

    please help my husband to stop being so useless and my son to get a life and my son to be such a pussy and be a man on his own because I feel guilty of spoiled him to much when he was a kid

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