Prayer for a lost love to return

by Uli (Rathernotsay)

Dear God,

you see my heart, and you see hers. I pray that you hear me and I trust that you have the best in mind for us. The current situation looks so deeply helpless and I haven’t experienced anything more resembling pure hell so I ask you for what’s on my heart for four months now. Even though it looks like this is not for me I ask you to bring back to me my love in your miraculous ways. There is no hope for me but in your power. Heal what’s been damaged, restore and expose the deep love we felt, make it even deeper and purer, honest and happy, and the last love that’s supposed to last. For you’re the inventor of love and it can’t be better than taken out of your hand. Give me strength and a sign along the way, and please help me so I see something this week. Thank you for everything you have done so far and make me a believer without any doubts. Amen.

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