Prayer for a Lost Love and Broken Heart

by Joe (PA)

Lost my wife to leukemia at 39- and within a three year span lost my mother and father as well- three years and one day. Then I met this beautiful woman who had a real connection with me. For three years I thought we were in love and destined for each other.

Suddenly she met a man and got into really bad stuff. She surprised me with a call from Maryland, then a few weeks later from Virginia. Now I found out that she is getting married in Florida to yet another man. This woman was and I believe still is a beautiful soul who made some mistakes, and now may be making more.

If all this is ordained by God, then I accept, but I ask that you pray for her return to me. I love her and I have already forgiven her- and would take her back unconditionally. I find I am still grieving my wife, and parents, but this hurts worse. Please pray for me . I pray for her to come back, but may God’s will be done, In Jesus’ Most Blessed Name.

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