Prayer for A Long distance Relationship

by Chinoyerem (Hamilton NJ USA)

Dear Lord I thank you so much for your blessing between me and my boyfriend. we are fresh in this long distance relationship we have been together for just about 4 months now and it seems very difficult but with the almighty God by our side and prayer we are getting stronger that is all we need and our life well get better.

Is by God’s grace , you God’s grace isn’t earned, but freely given to us what an amazing humbling grift. Just put your faith in God and you will see the light of God, just keep on holding on. God has a very big plan for each and every one of us, our is to discover his plan for us and follow it. with God been the number in all you do nothing should discourage you. Do you believe in miracles Let me tell you it is written in his words psalm 77:14 ” You are the God who performs miracles; You display your power among peoples”.

Dear Lord today you have make me to see another and hear the voice of my love from a distance, there is nothing that is impossible for you to do for us. you great power is beyond human understanding and imagination keep us to always be mindful of your strength, when we lose hope give us faith, when others lose hope, let me tell them of your glory and your works.

Today Lord let me surrender all my hope in you and trust in you in Jesus Amen. My eyes have seen and my ears have hared my mouth ill take about the goodness of God. Don’t lose hope believe in Him Christ Jesus he is the author and the finisher of our faith.

to all who believe watch for his wonders and the miracles to come your ways, prayer is the master key. Jesus Christ started with prayer and ended with prayer.