Prayer for a Long Distance Relationship


Dear God,

I know and believe in you. I know what you wish for our lives is what must be.

Please help Matt and I through our relationship apart, as my Us Visa is cancelled and I cannot return to see him. Please protect him from the sadness that I feel in my heart, and please protect him from the unsettling feeling of not knowing what will happen. I miss him so very much and I am thankful that he is coming here to see me in December.

I pray that we have the most special and memorable Christmas together.. I would really sincerely love to be a Mother to his child. I would love more than anything to be a loving Mother like the one you have blessed me with. I could never be more thankful for the people that you have brought into my life.

I see things so much more clearly now and I thank you so much for showing me what I needed to see.

I am sorry for the things that I have done, I ask for your forgiveness.

Please take care of him.