Prayer for a Loan Approval, with Love

by M.A. (California)

Dear Lord, Thank you so much for hearing me and guiding me thus far. I am amazed at the journey of miracles I have seen, and do not doubt your divine love for us. You are aware of the struggles I have endured these past 9 months… financially it has been exhausting. I have used from creditors, my parents, my grandparents… to pay for the righteousness of your True Love. This is truly a case of good vs. evil. We were so close… but then an evil spirit threw a roadblock in our path. This block is particularly nasty, and has the ability to ruin multiple lives. Please, Dear Lord, give my mother and I the ability to get approved for a personal loan, so we can have the money needed to pay to take down this road block, and stop the evil spirit from blocking us again. I do not want any more difficulties or harm, just to be reunited with my True Love, the love you have so divinely chosen for me. The costs for everything is around $28,000.00. Please help us get approved for a loan for atleast that amount. Please understand that this is our only hope right now, we do not know what else to do and time is of the essence so this is an urgent request. God, I promise, to spread your true love and good spirit with everyone. I promise to help those in need and live with your loving kindness in mind. Please help us, please help us get approved for the loan amount requested. Please help my True Love to see the truth and react to it, so we can reunite, and spread your love to the world. Please help us God. Thank you so much for your support. Love.

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