Prayer for A Little One

by Pie (Makati City, Philippines)

Dear God;

I have been married for one and a half years, and I have been trying to conceive a healthy child more than 2 years now, there is no other great joy that a woman can feel but to have her own child, a fulfillment that every woman wished and prayed for.

Watching my fellow women caring for their children makes me wanted to cry in despair, I have been wanting to have my own child, most of the time, I see myself caring for my own child also. I did everything I could to get pregnant, and been praying for so long for my prayers be heard.

God, I know that You are the sole giver of life. And my ardent prayer is to have my own bundle of joy, someone I can be very attached to, conceiving a baby is an act of divine creation, and I beg You to please hear my prayers, I feel that the time passes by so fast, every single day, I am dreaming of carrying a healthy baby inside me, and caring and loving her until my health permits me to.

I beg You dear God, to please help me, and all the women who has difficulties getting pregnant and only want to have a baby to my husband alone.

Please Lord God, you know the deepest desires for a child, to love and to hold, grant that my body may conceive and give birth to a beautifule, healthy baby, you will only have to Will it God.

Hear my prayer, the prayer of my heart, mind and spirit.