Prayer for A Life Changing Miracle

by Annie (Westerly, RI, USA)

Most Merciful and Loving Father,

The past 6 months have brought me to my knees, the stress I have carried as life baggage resulting in ill heath and episodes of deep depression. I am struggling to keep any balance in my life,

despite daily prayers and gratitude for the many blessings You have bestowed on me and my belief that there is a reason, doors close, others open; that thy will be done; that You do carry us when we feel we cannot walk another step.

That it does get better if we can be still long enough to listen and patient enough to wait for the miracles to happen without going off half-cocked and stubbornly holding on to our unhealthy will.

My fear battles my faith and tries to leave me with nothing to hold onto but more of the same, darkness, not knowing which way to turn, isolation and loneliness. Stuck.

I pray for a miracle. I pray for financial security, success in finding a new job that will provide prosperity and a healthy environment, to wake every day with a smile on my face! And so important, for whatever time remains to me on this earth: to rejoin the living, to keep my family close, to encircle myself with friends and love, to give back to others the gifts You bestow on all of us.

I pray for my health and heart to grow strong and well once more, to make the right decisions according to Thy will, to fight back and win the battle with that old demon of depression once and for all. To experience Joy once again! To be a happy person and not the sad, tired “not-Annie” I’ve become.

And to remember that I am your child of the earth, to be grateful for your love and blessings, to pass the word not just by talking the talk but really and truly “walking the walk”.

For these things I pray with all my heart, and send my prayers out to and for all who find themselves stuck and sad and fearful, alone and lonely, with that black cloud of money worries compounding the desperation of their days.
Thank You God, for hearing my prayer.
Your child, Annie

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  1. Miracl . For. All

    Thi . Prayer. Is speaking to me,amazing,I. Was looking. For. A. Prayer. Goin . Through. A. Lot. Turmoi . Right. Now,God. Put. This. Prayer. In. M . Sight,it. Has. Help. Me. So. Much.this. prayer. Has. Help. Me. So. Much. Since. Reading,thank. Yo . Whoeve . Wrote. This it. Was. Made. For. Me,Thank you Father God in the nam . Of Jesus.

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