Prayer for a lasting and fulfilling career

by Jhaye (Antipolo City, Philippines)

Dear God I humbly bow down to you today to ask for a security of employment. I started strong as I exit the institution I learned to love for many years, just to secure a position in a government service. Days past I see the road toward my dreams becomes dim and uncertain.

Please help me to cling on to you, for I firmly believe that there is a place waiting for me. Things right now make me doubt my judgments.Help me to stay in my focus for I do this not only for myself but most importantly for my family, who depends mostly on me.

May this next job of mine bring me a more fulfilling experiences as I tried to help others who are unfortunate. Give me a chance to share the skills and talents I honed over the years of perfecting my craft, so that I could raise all my personal achievements to you in return.

Help me to clear the uncertainties in the world around me, in order for me to see clearly the task bestowed unto me. May this same mission be my passport to heaven by the time I accomplish everything in this world.

Thank you for everything, may this simple prayer reach you in heaven.

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