Prayer for a large tax refund

by Jessica (Gresham, Or)

Dear St Jude,

Thank you for answering my prayers to you before. Please help me receive a large tax refund. My family desperately need the money. I have no income and my partner is injured. Our home needs repair because it is leaking and lots of things don’t work.

I hope we can use the money we receive from the refund to help us move to Texas for a better job and better life. I pray to you has the patron saint of lost causes to help us has you are our only help. I thank you for your help and blessings. Thank you. Amen.

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  1. Larger tax refund

    Please pray for me that I get my tax refund on 03/06/16
    I’m in desperately in need of money to provide for my family
    I love u and praise you lord for all that you do

  2. I need prayer.

    Lord Jesus I need right now lord iam asking you for prayer right now to bless me with a good refund back and to bless my daughter so I can beable to take care of us and to beable to take care of theses back bills in Jesus name I pray amen.

  3. Tax return

    I need money to pay my mortgage and car payment. I’m also raising a granddaughter and no help from her parents or other grandparents. A large tax return would help.

  4. Faster Tax Refund

    Please pray for me, as I pray for myself & others.. to receive a larger tax refund than expected and at a sooner time than estimated. I am a born again child of God & a reformed resident of society. My goal is to move out of my criminally infested neighbourhood before I bump into trouble from my past. I need to get out. Please God help me

  5. Large tax refund

    Please bless me to get my tax refund 2018.I need it to help get my life in order.I have no income & my partner is injured. Thank you amen


    I have had a very , very difficult year in 2018. I lost my car, my license and my house burnt down. By the grace of God, I made it thru all of these things and came thru the other side but I still am not driving. I have a $2,500 fine that needs to be paid before I can get off probation and drive again. I am filinf my taxes tonight and I just pray that I can get enough back to PIF my fines and have enough left over to get my car running and insured. Please God help me thru this !!

  7. Tax Refund

    Dear Lord,
    Will you please bless me with my tax refund. I need my tax refund this week of April 17, 2019.
    Lord will you also bless me with a job this week as well.
    Thank You

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