Prayer for a Large Family In Need

by Amy (Uniontown)

I come here in hopes that maybe someone more than myself could help me pray for some blessing in aid for my family. We have six kids and an income only enough for the half of us. We have tried to the best of our ability to do everything right and just seem to be getting further downhill. We are all starting to feel like these apartment walls are caving in and losing our sense of family togetherness because everything is a struggle from bills to closet space. We are not perfect by any means but we also make sure to keep a drug free home and instill the same in our kids, teach manners and morals on a daily routine and fight hard to win this battle with our neighbors fighting us all the way through.

I am a pretty strong person usually and although I have kept myself from falling into a depression (used to be my whole childhood and fought hard to get myself out of it), it is physically taking it’s toll on me. Everywhere from health issues, sleeping issues, hives and hair loss. I don’t know how much more I can handle.

I know God doesn’t owe me anything and there are many out there far worse off but I hope he gives me some kind of credit for fighting the upbringing I had to be a better person and raising better kids. Then again, I’ve been struggling with that too. Right and wrong is now starting to confuse me because of me looking around at my accomplishments to theirs. It seems to me that those living their lives around drugs and that lifestyle somehow have half the problems that I do??? Am I on my high horse as they say or does karma really take another lifetime to receive? I’m lost and I ask that someone please help me reach out to God because so far, I have for over two years and I don’t feel he is listening to me at all.