Prayer for a Job

by Sony (Mumbai)

Thank you Lord for this wonderful opportunity you gave me to pray in public so that other can also pray for my needs.. Lord God.. you know the series of problem i am going through and how the last company treated me even after rendering a faithful, humble and diligent service. even after me resigning they still are harassing me with terms not appropriate.

Help me get rid of the company.. Lord.. i really have forgiven them as i have always respected them. Lord you be in control. Lord as for now, i really do need a job.

A job that not only will satisfy the urgent financial needs and help solve the financial problems but would also give me a mental satisfaction. Me being the only child of my parents Lord.. help me satisfy them with all needs.. all their requirements..

Lord please forgive me for all the mistakes i have done Lord. Help me not repeat them but learn from them.. give me wisdom knowledge and understanding Lord.. so that at home and at work place you and only you would be glorified.

Use me as you workman.. make me work as you want it. guide me.. lead my path and be there with me always Lord.. I ask this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit. Amen

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