Prayer for a Job

I quit my job in Jan 2013 , being frustrated and not able to handle the injustice going around without my job recognition.

I regret for the same and need to be out ; i have my husband and two kids living with me and they have been supportive.
But that is not all ; I feel Im loosing my identity and my support to my husband.
The Lord has always been a giver whenever Ive asked him for the guidance and help.But this time i failed him.
Now i pray day and night and I feel sick for myself; sometimes i feel paraynoid and think its best to End my life. So that i stop feeling useless for my self.
I have been good for nothing and hence i feel the Lord has also notin to answer to my prayer.
I kindly request thru ur prayers; kindly put my need in ur intervention and a Miracle takes place in my life.
I am frustrated and with my career I have not had any of the best things happen to me . my Job sucks for all these years that i have worked.
Please pray I may be offered the job I have been dreaming for and the places that i have tried.

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