Prayer for a Job to Provide for My Family and To Become a Better Man

I have regrets of the past and fearful of the future. You have blessed me with many interviews recently – please let the results of those interviews result in a job offer.

Dear Lord – I have faith in you – please help me to continue to walk in faith – and not become discouraged.
Please forgive me for my sins and as I try to become a better person, father and husband.

I am praying hard evey day lord to move those I have interviewed with to see the value and experience I bring. My wife is without work, and we have 2 children to care for.

We are blessed to have some money in the bank – and for that we are forever gratefull. However ,that will not last forever. Please help us lord and help me gain full employment soon. I believe in you father and I believe in your all mighty strenth to help us get through this difficult time.

Please grant me peace of mind and strength as we wait for the results of the interviews and future interviews.

In Jesus Christ name – Amen.