Prayer for a Job Opportunity Lost

by L (NY)

God has been faithful to me. He led me out of a bad situation and in just a few short weeks has given me a home and some job opportunities. I am very grateful. I was offered a position that is basically my dream job yesterday on Monday. I just received a call from one of my references who received a phone call from the HR woman at the company that offered me the position.

This gentleman has PTSD and did not give the woman the correct dates. He said that she sounded dispassionate and that he has never given a reference before so focused on the exact dates of employment. I am scared that the offer will be withdrawn. Please pray for me that my references check and background investigation go smoothly and that this chance is not taken from me.

Please pray that the awful anxiety I had been experiencing until yesterday does not overtake me again. Thank you very much. L

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