prayer for a job miracle

by Heartbroken (Western-Cape)

Dear lord

Please forgive my sins and past failures Lord, I made a lot of mistakes in the past. Mostly I was never thankful and greatful enought towards Your blessings upon my life, I failed You each time. Please forgive my ungreatful heart, I always wanted more and more of You, sumtimes without saying thank You and appreciation. I never valued anything You blessed me with as I didn’t wanted to start from the bottem, but how would I ever be thankfull to the best if I don’t even appreciate the little Lord, and no where in Your word You tells me to be greedy, I’m sorry Jesus, please forgive and teach me to acept the things I cnt change in my life but to be greatful for my blessings and to count them one by one. Forgive me for questioned Your will and the why of Your how, Lord.. I’m not worthy on Your blessings Lord as You gaved me enougth, You opened the doors and I closed them as I was to ungreatfull, now I’m siTting here depressed , crying for help. I’m so sorry Lord, so sorry for not accepting each single blessing from You wif a heart of thanks, but was always looking for so mch more. I’m selfish and greedy Lord, please forgive me and cleansed me from this that’s ruining mt life, knowing You can change my circumstances in time, knowing You know my heart and my desires and that You want to bless me bigger than my thougts cn ever go thinking and my heart longing, I’m sorry my Lord. I always point to someone else and their heppy lifes but I know they derserve it from hard work Lord.

Now I’m standing before You ashamed to ask for a mirricle of a job, knowing I don’t derserve another change Lord, but on bended knees I’m asking again,Lord please provide me of a miracle job- this time what You want for me, with the salary You wants me to have- only Your will and not mine, today. I promise I will be thankfull and love this job as it comes from You, I will cherish this job and honour Your Holy Name, worship You Lord forever on. I will try my best to see it as a blessing and not a job and I will sing and I will praise, my Jesus.

Watever You see for me as a job that suits me, Lord, please bless me with it today in a miracle- jst what You want for me and not what I want, only Your will for my life only Your will, allow this job to bring me closer to You Lord and help me to be greatful for what You give me Lord, please hear my heart and see me Lord

Any kind of job would this time be appreciated Lord, any salary would be welcome in my life, even if I have to swallow my pride Lord, but I just want a job even if it means R20 a day- so we cn just hve bread on the table. I don’t want the best cause I’m not worthy to have Your best Lord, I’m not worthy anyting and I don’t deserve anyting from you, I’m not even worthy to wrightYou this prayer.I honestly desrve nothing Lord. But i seek for Your mercy , I seek for me to be binded with You in new hope, faith in this Job, I can be watever Lord but still I do love You and longing for Your touch- I love you so much, forgive me

In Jesus Name

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