Prayer for a job decision after the interview

by Nelson (Berlin, Germany)

Lord, i thank you for all the blessings you have given me. Thank you for my health, education, housing, family, direction when needed, guidance and protection.

Father God, you said your children will never be needy. Father God you said “he who asks,he who calls upon thy name , recieveth”.Father i call upon thy name today. I had a job interview last week and i am currently awaiting a decision. The decision is due, wednesday the ninth of july. Father i pray, you touch the hearts of the decision makers.I pray for favour.I pray that whatever mistakes i made during the interview will be forgotten. Father i let it all in thy hands. Father i put my trust in you.

Thank you Lord for all the wonderful things in my life.Thank you Lord as i pray in Jesus name Amen.

Lord have mercy

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