Prayer for a job and my marriage

Please Lord forgive me for hurting my husband and my marriage. I have been negligent in understanding how much pain I have caused my husband by not pulling my financial weight. I now understand the need to work harder so that we may get out of debt and live the life you teach in the bible. I need a job that soon that will use my God-given talents and help provide security for my family. His self-esteem is low after having lost a couple of clients and my job loss has made things worse.

I am grateful Lord for the blessings and miracles you have given me. I need this prayer answered, for Lord I fear my husband my leave our family if we cannot find a solution soon. He is a good man, who has provided for us over the years. He is back home and making an effort to rebuild our marriage.
Lord, I am at your mercy and am trying to be hopeful and full of faith. Please answer my prayers for employment Lord.

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