prayer for a husband

by Londa (Baltimore, Md)

Lord please send me a husband create by ur own Lord. U kno my needs and my wants. Father please make me the wife he needs as well. Father I am unable to pick a ggod mate.Therefore. I surrender my will unto u that the holy spirit will comfort me and guide me to the right olace at the right time that my union with my husband will be made known. Father let no interference from satan and his of s darkness interfere. Father I thankyou for my husband and glorify u for answering my prayer. I believe it to be done in Jesus name. God I thank you for signing the marriage contract. I thank Jesus for sealing it and I thank the holy spirit for delievering it right now. Glory to ir wonderful name master. Thankyou God for blessing me with the joy of my husband. Father make me into the wife he needs. Lord nothing is ro hard for u I. Believe it in Jesus name Amen Amen Amen

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