Prayer for a husband and strength to be the best person I can be

by S.M. (Columbus, Ohio)

I pray that I could become a wife soon, and give my love to my own family. I pray to be able to give my love to my own child one day. I have selflessly given my love to my immediate family, helping raise my own nephew from infancy. I wish to spread my love to my own creation and give my faith, my knowledge, and my legacy to another who I created.

I am a person of strong faith, and dedicated to the lord. I wish to build my own family, build my own legacy, and continue to be a strong christian with the growth of my own family.

Please help me pray for my family to expand and include my title as a caregiver, a great sister, a great daughter, into a great mother and a great wife.

I put all my faith into God and his guidance. I hope to always lead my life with the faith I have, and hope He will always guide me into the right direction in my life. I pray that he will always take care of my family and I. Even if my wishes to have my own family never come true,

I pray my faith will lead me to the direction my life needs to go.

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