Prayer for a Hurting Relationship

Asking for prayer tonight for my realtionship with Mark. Father, please help my hurting heart heal from the pain of the numerous times he has broken up with me and sent me away. I know his heart has been ripped wide open and he is in fear, pain and even anger. Please help lift these burdens from him so he can see the beautiful Christlike love that our relationship holds within.

Please help me too, heal from all of the injuries these breakups have inflicted on my heart so it can once again be whole and worthy of his love. Pray for his children. Pray for mine. They love one another deeply and need reconciliation between us. You Lord who can make all things new! I cry out to you tonight for these things and all the secrets that lie within our hearts.

Thank you Lord for all those reading this prayer and praying for us! Bless them also as a vessel of your goodness, that they too may receive this and all your goodness tonight and always.