Prayer for a Huge Financial deliverance

by G.P. (Bangalore India)

I was born in to Roman Catholic family,& i was working as a maintenance manager post in a well know garment factory, I use to smoke daily 20 Cig. drink very rare, my life was going well, ups & down were always in my life. then i joined other company as a service manager & worked,one day I met with an accident, I lost my job.

But God blessed me with business & enabled me to overcome all sort thing in my life. I was well settled @ this juncture I got a big project & i was doing this project day & night it ended in 2008 Oct 9th. but i did not get 68,00,000/- amount from this person he cheated me. my wife was a spiritual women she always trust in God, I lost my business & every thing of my life I was back to zero. now I had no money to re-start the business. My wife started to cook food & I use to sell them & come till date, now I have to pay 26,00,000/- to some people, the gave us much time but we were not able to repay, in my entire life I never ever Fasted but 1st time in my life I fasted continue for Three full days.

Now I can say we are the happy family on earth even though we don’t have anything with us. now biggest problem is these people will abuse us & our God. we are helpless, money has put us to shame on 4th of May by 5o clock in the evening I have pay them or else I have Die.

I need A Miracle That I should pay them on time without putting My God to Shame. I do not know from where will my help comes. but I trust in him who created me. if I am not able to pay let God take us from this earth