Prayer for a hopeless case

by J ()

O holy St Jude,

I suffer with moderate dyslexia, physical disabilities and debilitating mental health issues. Trying to get through college has been so hard and I haven’t even submitted all my work yet, I pray that when I make my final submissive you will place it all into the Lord’s bountiful, loving hands and that my teachers will empathise and be kind enough to still mark my work (even though we’re now on holiday). I believe firmly in your mighty works St Jude but my entire life seems like such a hopeless case, I am so mentally and physically tired. I ask for your intercession to fuel me with Christ’s supernatural strength and perseverance to get through this difficult period of my life, I’m still a young woman and do not wish for a life filled with misery and hopelessness. I desperately want to go to university this year and I would be ever so grateful if I was given that opportunity in my early years, I struggled immensely in college because I made poor decisions and I didn’t receive the right help with the course I chose – it was not right for me and due to the circumstances I’ve been put through, I did not enjoy it like I initially expected to but I do not wish to hold onto this regret. Loving St Jude, I ask that you transform this anxiety and fear of mine into strength and determination so that I can pull myself together, so that I can get things done and fix the damaged areas of my broken life, I pray against all forms of procrastination, depression, worry, obsession, gluttony, intrusive thought because all these negative strongholds convey a message of disloyalty and disbelief to my Lord and I know that nothing is impossible through the power of Jesus, humanity would be nothing without him. Thank you for always praying for me St Jude, you’ve helped me come a long way since I fully devoted my life to Jesus. I love my Lord and my blessed Mother. I am so thankful to be alive.


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