prayer for a home to blend our families now 65 miles apart

by Dori (IL)

Lord, we need a home to provide a covering for our new blended family. Living apart for 8 mos of marriage makes us wonder why the process is taking so long. Let it be a home of peace, and happiness. May we prosper and be a blessing to others and be welcomed into the neighborhood.

May the seller be fair in price, understand the current market and may we have favor with our lender. Show us a sign in a HUGE way that we are going where you want us to be.

Since there has been only one home that is suitable, and you find that it is not the perfect match for us, then please, in Jesus name, bring one to market quickly so we can move my son to his new school. You know what we have need of in every way. We give you praise, in Jesus name! Amen

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