Prayer for a Hedge of protection and guidance

by L.S. (Sedalia)


Help me, guide me oh lord, So that i may spend the next 50 To 70 years serving you oh lord.
Lord , please help me gently and patiently lord learn and live by your words.
God i need help sorting through all the lies.
Please help me to know your voice?

I want to be strong enough to pray and help others .
Hold me, protect me keep me safe,
Help me know how to stand on my own for you, in you all the time god so that i can effectivly lead my family lord the next 50 to 70 years lord (360,24 hr days in a year)
Please fogive me for anything done or words spoken from me that could have dishonerd you in any way.
Thank you for your mercy and grace in Jesus name i pray