Prayer for a healthy new beginning.

by Susan (Northern Minnesota)

Dear St Joseph, thank you for helping us sell our townhouse 5 years ago in a terribly depressed market. In the mean time, ill health on my and my husband’s part as well as ageing have caused an urgent desire to leave this cold climate with too much physically required upkeep.

We are especially anxious to sell as we have found an ideal handicapped accessible home in a medical care metropolis nearer to our only child by 6 hours. Our home is truly well kept, updated and reasonably priced. Our detriment is a remote location but on a magnificent and pristine large lake in a peaceful area.

We are having to cash in retirement accounts to secure the new house and will be penalized many thousands for doing so early. Thank you for hearing this prayer for a fast, viable sale so we can move to a healthier area near our only child who needs his family as well. With deep and sincere appreciation for an intercession .

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