Prayer for a healthy baby!

by Sherin ()

We have been married for 6 years now and have suffered 3 miscarriages over the last couple of years. We have visited numerous doctors in various countries to get help but none of the doctors could ever find an issue with us. We understood that what we lack is Grace of God which no medicine can supplement except prayers! Miraculously, our visit to House of Mary in Turkey gave us a miracle pregnancy. But as soon as we found out fear gripped us and crippled me. I could not forget my past and every day was progressing in compounded fear. I always meant to offer prayers to St Jude but never did thinking I will ask the most special thing when the right time comes. There wasnt a better time…as I started spotting the same way I did in my previous failed pregnancy. I was distraught and started my prayers to St Jude….I prayed earnestly 9 times a day for 9 days asking very specifically to bless my child and give him a strong heartbeat. Yday was my first ultrasound and by the Grace of God and love of St Jude our baby is progressing well! I intend to continue these prayers every month for the next 9 months. My pleas to St Jude have made me cross a milestone which I never did before. Thank you St jude for praying for me and asking for our mercy!

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