Prayer for a healthy baby

by Randi ()

Pray for us to conceive this cycle. My husband has a rare chromosome defect and we didn’t find out about it until I was 5 months pregnant with our daughter.

We lost her at 6.5 months gestation due to a devastating heart defect and catastrophic organ failure caused by the inherited chromosome defect. A little over a year later we miscarried our second baby at 11 weeks.

We have experienced 3 years of infertility that was finally treated this year. This is the first cycle that I have ovulated on my own since I got pregnant the 2nd time.

Please pray that we conceived this cycle and that we’ll have a happy, healthy baby in 2011 that doesn’t inherit the chromosome defect.

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  1. A Flood of Favor

    I came across this prayer after I read your request, Best wishes!

    A Flood is Coming

    “…He sends forth [rains], and they overwhelm the land or transform it.”
    (Job 12:15, AMP)

    TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria
    Sometimes on the news, the weather person will announce that we’re under a Flash Flood Warning. That means conditions are ripe for possible flooding. Water could get out of its normal boundaries. It could overflow and increase in such a way that drainage and bayous are overwhelmed.

    Just like that weather person, I’m here to announce to you today that you’re under a Flash Flood Warning. Conditions are just right. You’ve honored God. You’ve been faithful. You’ve passed the test. Now God is saying, “There’s about to be a flood, but not with water. You’re going to see a flood of My goodness, a flood of opportunity, a flood of healing, a flood of good breaks to where you are overwhelmed with God’s favor. It’s beyond your expectations. It puts you into overflow.” Today, get ready! Get your expectancy up. Be on the lookout for His goodness because a flood of favor is coming your way!

    Father, thank You for flooding me with Your goodness, favor and mercy. I set my heart and mind on You today, and I’m ready to receive every blessing You have in store for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.
    — Joel & Victoria Osteen

  2. still praying

    it has been quite awhile since I posted my prayer. We are still trying to conceive without success. I have faith that God will grant us our dearest wish but as time goes by it does take a toll. Please keep praying for us to be blessed with as many children as God blesses us with.

  3. Have faith

    i am not sure when you posted or have already delivered. But be brave and God never disappoints. Prayers only give strength.Take care and I am sure things will be fine. I am sure your next posting will be that of the delivery of a beautiful baby.

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