Prayer for a healing miracle and to know God

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior i ask for this special miracle for my son’s friend Alfrado .Please heal this child of his lung cancer and the cancers that have spread to other areas of his body. I know all things are possible if we believe. Dear God i feel so sadden by his illness because he does not know you and i have been told he has had a hard life to be so young..

Jesus christ i know we all have to die but to be facing that day and not know God is heart breaking. Please Father delay this end and give him peace and happiness and a strong relationship with you Father. He does not believe God please bring a change to his life so that he may become a believer and know the joy of having God in his life. Father heal the relationships in his family so he lets go of his anger and is able to give and receive love.

Father i know we are all your children and you do not want to lose not one soul, you love all your children. Please let him know that father. God be his doctor and his minister father. Father open his mind and his Heart. Father i pray it be your will to prove the doctors wrong and grant him a long life and to do your work through testament to the power of God.

Send your Angels to watch over him so that he will not feel alone. Father relieve his pain and heal his body. Father be a constant in his life and let him be aware of the miracle we pray you grant him. These prayers are asked in your name jesus christ our lord and savior. AMEN

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